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Volc Abyss

Princess Doll

Lyra Doll


Kilt , Mucho



The desert kingdom. It was hot many years ago, but with the new curse of the Eld Witch it's now even hotter.

If you speak several times to the ruined remains of the Djinn in the Central Desert, you can hear about the day before Al'Sahra was ruined by the Eldwitch. It seems he used to be very devoted to young Princess Sharazard, speaking of how wonderful it was that she learned a new magic spell, as well as calling her coronation wonderful. He warns her to get inside, because it feels like something bad is coming--and indeed, according to a storybook Liddell says she read, the princess dies the day after being crowned.



Princess Lyra

Lyra is the ruler of the desert Kingdom. She is the oldest princess out of all six.


skills: Volco- Automatic | Thun- Level 11 | Supraon- Level 16 | Freiall- Level 46

skills: Atkua- Automatic | Volc- Level 11 | Volco- Level 21 | Freion- Level 31 | Volcon- Level 41

Princess Doll

Lyra will give you a doll of herself after defeating Dijinn and breaking the spell of the Witch.

  • Lyra Doll (From the entrance at the center desert, just go south, you'll find it.)
skills: Giga Volc - Automatic

Lyra Doll

Key Items for "Fire Key"

  • Red Stone Ring Defeating the pots in the Princess Bedroom (at Holy Place, you can enter with the Golden Lamp obtained at the Twin Cave)
  • Take the items to Babayaga and exchange them for the key. Her shrine is on the west desert, top left of the map.




Weakness: Ice

Strong: Fire

  • Mini Boss Blue Pot (1st to beat)
    Weakness: Water
    Strong: Fire


  • Seven of Hearts: Al'Sahra (West Desert)
  • Queen of Hearts: Card Battle in Al'Sahra (Twin Cave East Basement 2nd Floor)
  • King of Hearts: Card Battle in Al'Sahra (Fire Lord Tower 2nd Floor)
  • Jack of Spades: Card Battle in Al'Sahra (Fire Lord Tower 1st Floor)
  • Seven of Diamonds: Al'Sahra (East Desert)
  • Eight of Diamonds: Al'Sahra (Twin Cave West Basement 1st Floor)
  • Ten of Diamonds: Al'Sahra Castle (Desert Hall 3rd Floor)
  • King of Diamonds: Card Battle in Al'Sahra (Twin Cave Basement Second Floor)
  • Ace of Clubs: Al' Sahra Castle (Desert Hall 3rd Floor)
  • Seven of Clubs: Al'Sahra (Fire Lord Tower 1st Floor)
  • Eight of Clubs: Al'Sahra (Twin Cave East Basement 1st Floor)