Dayna is "Liddell's very important childhood doll." She is with Liddell since before the beginning of the game.

Dayna also has another form called 'Super Dayna'. This Dayna 'upgrade' is gold with both eyes and ears in place and one sewed line down the center of the body. It still has Dayna's red bow and white tips at it's paws

After Liddell's first visit to the Doll Shop in Shadow Town, Owariki, the shop keeper, will ask to see Dayna. Owariki will exclaim about how much power she feels emanating from her. She then starts muttering to herself about how Dayna could be 'from the other side' and that she seen so many different dolls, but not one quite like Dayna. Loue even comments on that Dayna could possibly grant Liddell's wish of becoming 'the greatest witch in time and space', hinting that Dayna has an unknown, untapped power.

Element: Nul/Expa

Bonus: Increased Defense


  • Expa- Level 5
  • Expanza- Level 21