Liddell Art Concept

A witch-in-training who attends a magic academy. Liddell is very competitive and confident in her abilities as a budding witch. She's always intrigued by spells that aren't discussed in school. Her goal is to become the greatest an-hero who has ever lived. She's bad at admitting her mistakes and apologizing, but in the end she is a very responsible little girl. She's on an adventure to save the world from The Eld Witch, who she released by accident. It turns out she wants to be a powerful witch not because she wants to overthrow Queen Alice, but because when she was younger she was abandoned by her mother who left her in front of the witch school. The principal adopted her (she refuses to believe it), a few kids teased her and thought she was lying and she thinks her mother will come back if she becomes the greatest witch in the world. She has been shown to have romantic feelings for Loue, like she blushes whenever he pats her head, and when he doesn't do that, she asks, "You're not gonna pat me?" In the end, she mourns over him, crying. Liddell believed if she became a better witch than Queen Alice, then her mother would come back to her. When you make it to Alice's Kingdom, you find out Queen Alice is Liddell's mother. When Liddell goes back in time to past Florin, she meets Princess Rapunzel of the winged and Princess Anne who is later revealed to be the Eld witch.

Her motto: "I'm gonna become the greatest witch in time and space!"

Graveyard Bridge

Liddell In The Graveyard